Saturday, October 2, 2010

Brazilian Embroidery Fair Pix #2

Yes, we survived this wickedly hot and weird week.  Monday 113f and yesterday, Friday...rain.  Today rain.  Humidity Uggh!  Go figure. First here is a pic of what the heat did to the poor Geraniums in the front window box!

Hubby called me at the shop the other day and "We're going to paint the outside of the house".  What?  Why now?  Will it really help sell out house I wonder?  Why couldn't we have done it earlier so we could enjoy living in a nicer looking house?  Whatever.  Here's the choices:

CHOICES, CHOICES hmm...Our house is a colonial, like the big southern plantation homes.  Hmmm...Just white, please.  Like the color it is now.  Maybe paint the door red instead of black and paint the shutters black like they are now, thank-you.  That was easy.  BTW, I'm not lifting a brush to help.  Wanted: Real men that know how to please, that know how to paint.  Thank you very much.

Now for the incredibly talented people of the embroidery world.  I love this type of embroidery I just didn't know the name of it.  I know, they just recently let me out from under that rock.  I love the 3-D effect.  Now I know what I want to do to embellish that darn jacket that hangs there everyday saying, "Aren't ya done with the kitchen yet?, When ya gonna work on me?"  The DH says no more spending (that means yarn and crafty stuff) since we are spending on the house fix up.  Maybe they have a Brazilian emb. book at the library?

They make petals with thread!

I have a bunch of embroidery thread and this would be an excellent way to use it up!
Sorry about the quality.  They are in display cases with glass doors and the lighting wasn't the best and then there's my lack of photo skills.  I cropped off part of the frames so you could see them better except for the last one so you could see the blue ribbon.  I liked this one but I wouldn't have chosen it for the blue ribbon however, I do like the cat.  There were so many and of all the pix, these were the best focused ones.  Actually, I'm glad I didn't have to choose the best one since they were all amazing.  Coming soon, the crochet pix.

Off to the grocery store for a variety of things to drink.  It's hot and muggy and I want beverages at my fingertips!  Have a wonderful fall weekend everyone!


D. Carlen said...

Hiya. You post the most interesting things. The embroidery is exquisite. Embroidery (long given up as a hobby) is what interested me in crafts to begin with b/c I was envious of my friend's cookie tin filled with threads and hankies. Besides the trip to Nevada at 6 and learning to knit that one pair of elf was the tread that bit me. LOL Stopping by to send some hugs, Donna

Linda said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could spend our days doing nothing but creating with our threads and yarns--sewing and crocheting and embroidering? Sigh.
Good luck with choosing a house paint color!