Monday, October 25, 2010

*SSHhhh! Don't Tell

The Birthday Girl
Good morning!  It's Monday and again, drizzle city.  I had a blast at my sister's.  Tamara went to a Halloween/Concert thingy/party and she decided to use one of her ballet dance costumes and go as a dead/zombie ballerina.  One who fell off the stage into the orchestra pit while performing and broke her neck.  That was the story.  So I had fun doing up her make-up.  AND drat, I don't have a pix, since my camera batteries ran down.  I hate that.  My sis took some pix, I'll see if I can get those before Halloween to show ya. 

*Last Friday night, I got 3 very dehydrated mini-African Violet plants at the 99cent store but don't tell Big Al.  He's on the war-path for me to get rid of some of my plants.  Although he did call me at my sis' to tell me that we should use the potted plants all over the property, some down by the pool because it is all barren, mostly cement back there like the front.  He wanted me to start thinking about how to strategically place them.  The man came to his senses!! 

Two of them perked up pretty good but one still looks a bit traumatized.  I like to buy plants more than clothes.  Am I weird or what?


Pammy Sue said...

I don't think you're weird. Do you keep your African violets under a black light or whatever that is that I always see them under? I don't think they're black lights, but they're some kind of lights with a blue cast to them. I've always heard African violets are finicky and hard to keep alive. Is that true?

Pammy Sue said...

Oh, and I like your house!

Linda said...

Your niece looks so much like you. :) I'm glad your plants will get called back into duty!