Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Summer! Last of the Sherman Garden Pics

Hi!  I see my last post was, well....over a month ago!  Shame on me.  So much has happened since I posted last.  No time to blog lately :(.  Here are the remaining Sherman Garden pics from waaaaay back in May! 

My back computer is still giving me problems.  It's a software issue.  So much for blaming it on the cricket leg, hee, hee.  Just not gonna shut the darn thing off for now.  It's when the computer is loading on start up that it decides it can't find some files and then freezes up.  I've run some utility programs and it hasn't handled the problem so it's just gonna have to stay turned on as a workaround until the real cause is found.

Meanwhile...I'm busy with running my shop and some other things I will post about soon.

The last pics are of shade plants.  Fuchsias, Ferns and Begonias to name a few.



Mom enjoying the Tuberous Begonias.   Have a lovely weekend!  I'll be back soon.