Monday, June 25, 2012

Sherman Garden Pix #2

Here are more pictures from Mother's Day.  Enjoy!
The Mother's spending the day together

The part of my family who lives in San Clemente-2 bros, mom and sister

If you live in a mild climate look what you can do with cacti and succulent plants.  The mass plantings make a really pretty landscape.  Remember, you can right click on any pictures to see them in more detail.

These cacti were massive!

Have a few more to pics of the Sherman Garden to share.  See ya!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Cricket Leg?

Wanted to post really quick to let you know I have not fallen off the face of the earth!  It's been too long since I posted and wanted to day hi and that I'm doing well, thank-you.

My computer has been up and running for about a week and guess what?  My son found a cricket's leg that was on the motherboard and when that was removed and all the components (hardware) were checked and tested and found to be working fine it must have been that darn leg.  We figure the cricket could have been electrocuted when he was crawling around inside.  Originally when it was acting so weird, I opened up the case and used canned air to clean out the dust.  It wasn't too dusty since I had just done that back in January and while doing that I found a dead cricket at the bottom of the case.  Maybe that is where they got the term "computer bug", hee hee.  

I was going to post a pic of a cricket, no not a dead one, but aren't you glad I didn't?  

I went to Temecula yesterday to visit my friend and have a few photos of "chalk on the walk" drawings that I'll post soon. 

I have to go shopping for a bathing suit now.  I hope the mirrors are kind.

Hope you're enjoying the beginning of SUMMER!!!!!

Be back soon!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Technical Difficulties!

My poor baby has owies!

 Hi!  My computer, the one at the shop that I use for all things non-shipping, which includes my blogging and blog visiting has had issues for a few weeks.  It suddenly just freezes up and won't go anywhere.  Then it just decided to not bring up the screen at all and we thought it was the video card but that's not the problem. More diagnostics are being done by my sweet son who took it home to find a cure.  Meanwhile I did back-up, thank goodness, most all my files including pictures but I've been without a computer in the back and so haven't posted for awhile.  I decided to bring in my laptop so I could go online without using the front shipping computer.  I just need to get accustomed to using it along with my back up external drive that has the pics on it and then I'll finish posting the Sherman garden pics.  Such creatures of habit we are!  It's taking some getting used to since I don't have my regular picture program. 

I went to Best Buy last night since I need to get a different cell phone and plan.  They advertise being impartial since they can sell you all the plans from all the carriers.  I also wanted to see and hold the phones for real since I've only been doing internet research.  What a pain.  I've been putting it off since I have 2 households going right now and I'm trying to keep expenses down.  I have an ancient cell phone and ancient plan that Verizon doesn't even offer anymore.  I went over my minutes last month and wow, it got expensive.  I don't have a landline at my new place and no internet.  So I wanna getta phone and plan that can connect me to the internet so I can hook it up to my laptop and TV.  Then I can be at home and browse; I can leave work on time and do my own stuff online at home instead of hanging out at my shop since it feels like I spend a gazillion hours there as it is.

Here's my current setup.  Better than nuthin'!  Gotta go.  Headed to Target.  I really just wanta go home.  I'll be back soon with the rest of the Sherman garden pics.  Take care!!!