Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Violets, Violets and No Rain Today!

Hello! Here are most of my African Violets.  They are blooming away right now and I wanted to share them with you.  They are rewarding me with their beauty since I took care to save them about a half a year ago from those nasty thrips!  My pics just don't do them justice!

Well, after having 5 days of rain, a few days off and then a bit of rain yesterday, it is just perfect weather outside, sunny and about 70 degrees!  I wish I could get out in the garden but it will have to wait until Sunday because I work, work, work until then.  I do however, sneak out for a bit and go into the back parking lot and bask in the sunshine!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain, New Year Amaryllis, Rain, Organizing and more Rain

Yup, I've been away from my blog writing and January is almost over already.  I've been thinking of writing and coming up with ideas and even taking photos thinking I'd post about this and than and then, nope, I didn't get to posting that day and that went on for days.  Well today, it's been much slower in the shop since it is our 4th day of rain (we don't get much rain!!!) and it has been raining most of today, not a speck of sunshine peeking through the clouds...nope, none at all.  I didn't have any reason not to post, so here I am.

Here is our holiday gift from one of my long time customers, a beautiful Amaryllis that just got through blooming.  This one has huge blooms and is a really pretty deep red.  My others are white and red striped.

Soon it will be going outside to be with my other Amaryllis.  They won't bloom until mid-spring so it was a treat to enjoy one indoors!

WOW!  We're having a torrential downpour right now.  I just stood up and looked outside and if this keeps up there will be flooding in some areas of  Los Angeles for sure.  OH! there's a bit of sunshine, my son just went out back, came running in and said a rainbow, so I grabbed my camera and look, we have a rainbow!

We've been busy rearranging the back room supplies here at the shop.  We bought some shelving to organize everything better.  Here are some pictures to make you happy that this is not your mess and some pix of what it looks like today, still in need of final organizing!  The important thing about organizing is that it just not look neat but rather you can easily find what you need when you need it!  AND we're not quite there yet.

Well, that's what I've been up to.  Now, I sure hope it's not raining when I have to drive home!