Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!

Hope ya get to have family and friends around you and you eat til your heart (or stomach) is content!

I'm headed to Rancho Cucamonga to my (second to the youngest) brother's place.  Then whatever family members don't have somewhere else to be (about 6-7 of us) then we'll go to his girlfriend's family and celebrate there.  My bro wanted us esp., our Mom to meet his girlfriend's parents and family.  SOoooo, does this mean there are wedding bells in his future?  I get kinda nervous about meeting so many new people at one time at their house.  But I will just deal with it.  Since Mom and I aren't cooking the dinner like we originally planned, then we can sit and catch up on things.  I'm making candied yams with walnuts tonight since my bro asked me to "pleeeease" bring them.  Maybe I'll go visit my sis and her family at her in-laws for dessert since she'll just be across town.

I was planning to take Friday off for the first time ever since opening the shop but decided whatever $ I make on that day I get to spend on gifts, so there, Black Friday.  I'll make money instead of spend it.

Don't forget before delving into that pumpkin pie to give thanks! 
Be Good, Be Well, Be Happy!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Some things I've been doing...

What's been happening around here that I meant to post about sooner:
I got a new "Welcome" mat back in June for the front door after someone stole my neighbors and mine back in May.  It's big, heavy, stiff and super scratchy.  Hopefully it will be enough of a deterrent for any future stealing of my mat!!

Back in Mid August, a lady drove up the curb and hit a chair that got knocked into the window of the Mexican Restaurant a couple doors down from my shop.  I heard a loud bang and then went out, hurried back in and grabbed the camera and took these photos for the restaurant owner since he's my friend.  The lady's guardian angel was with her since she managed to go between 2 parked cars, 2 trees and up onto the sidewalk and just hit the chair into the window which broke but she could have smashed into the place and best of all is NO ONE WAS HURT!!  We found out later that she had a mild stroke and doesn't even remember going up the curb.  Temple City is a sleepy little place and not much excitement happens here!


Also in August, my eldest brother and his wife invited our mutual friend, Tracy, her husband and me to go on their boat for the day.  We piled in his Jeep and headed northeast a bit to Silverwood Lake.  I hadn't been there in ages and we had such a nice day.  Being on the lake was so relaxing that I wanted to go out and buy a boat so I could feel that way all the time but of course that is not realistic!!!  We all had a great time.  I didn't want it to end.  Tracy brought cup cakes for my b-day and the frosting had melted off but hey still tasted yummy. 

Getting the boat in the water

Magical glistening water

Floating outhouses were on the lake

Long may you wave!

Bye, Silverwood hope to see ya again next year!

The crew

I've picked up my hooks after a seemingly long hiatus!  I want to make some holiday gifts.  I still have tendonitis in my finger that happened from too much gardening and I've tried giving it a bit of a rest.  So I should have some projects to share pretty soon.

This year has just blown by so fast and I've made some changes in my life that I will write about soon.  Hope you all have a terrific weekend and are warm, safe and dry.