Friday, October 22, 2010

My Poor Plants

Howdy and hope you're having a happier Friday than me.

I'm sad and stressing because my potted plants had to be removed from where they were, to all being clumped together on the driveway.  Some of  'em are only supposed to be in the shade so I hope they don't die.  Big Al (he hates when I call him that) said that there are too many plants and I have to get rid of some of them because potential buyers won't be able to see the house.  I disagree, I think the plants enhance the house and it being all cemented right up to the front door the house looks too stark.  I've even had neighbors and passer-byes tell me how nice the front looks with all my plants.  I was so upset the other night that I couldn't get to sleep until the wee hours of the morning.

When the house sells, we'll move closer to my shop but we plan on renting a house not buying right away and Big Al talked about an apartment and I said, "over my dead body"!!  So I knew I may not have room to take all my plants when we move so I started cuttings in smaller pots just in case I can't take some bigger ones. There are some that I planned on leaving with the house because it's like they are supposed to be there, like they just fit there.

Here's some photos of when the plants were on the porch:

These are the ones that like sun that sit on the driveway where all the plants are now.
Here is what it looks like with the plants and shutters removed in preparation to painting.  The pillars are not bowed it's something weird with the camera lens.

Here are all the plants bunched together.  Boo Hoo.

Don't ya think it looks better with plants?

My sister's daughter is having her b-day this weekend so I plan on visiting them.  I need a break from house repair hell anyway.  Tamara is turning 12!  She's such a sweetie read more about her here.  We've had rain and drizzle all week, the sun hardly peeking thru.  Gonna be an overcast weekend but I don't care I'm going to party hearty.

Have a relaxing weekend and thanks for dropping by!


Pammy Sue said... does look kind of naked now, doesn't it? My brain is not working yet or I'd think of some suggestions for other things you can put out there until spring. I'm sure nothing is as nice as live plants, but surely there is something you can do. Hmm...

Linda said...

I think your plants were perfect in front of the house, and your house is just gorgeous!