Friday, October 15, 2010

Have You Ever Heard of a Madsen Bucket Bike?

These are so cool.  I want one.  I've been wanting one.  I think I'll get one when I move closer to my shop so I don't have to take my car everywhere and just think what great shape my legs, thighs and bootie will be in!  Go ahead check them out, CLICK ON THE PICTURE and choose your color!
Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes 
I can just see myself with flowers in the basket, groceries and my new doggie in the bucket!  BTW, my Hawaiian dance class and my Pilates classes are making a difference not only in my waistline but I feel much more flexible and have more range of movement in my arms (without pain).  YEAH!  So I say go out and get some exercise.

Hope you are having a terrific Friday.  oxoxox Annie

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Pammy Sue said...

Hey, Annie. Cool bike! Have not received your package yet. Will let you know when I do. That was really sweet of you!