Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Look how Cute!

Yup it's Halloween time and look who I found on Ravelry.  I was searching patterns and these darlings have made my day.   This is Maximo and he is modeling his collar for his mum who sells doggie stuff that she makes.  Just too darn cute I tell ya.  Find them here . 
Maximo modeling the Skull Collar

I guess if the dog doesn't mind wearing clothes, it's ok but most dogs do wear collars or should wear one so they have ID on 'em at all times.  I don't have any pets right now but a cute collar is a must for when a needy dog comes into my life someday.  Go visit Sara and her furbabies, she has made all sorts of cute doggie hats, collars, etc.  It will definitely put a smile on your face today!

I like her doggie bone rug/mat:

House reno- update.  No. the front of the house hasn't got painted yet but my bathroom ceiling is getting sanded today and maybe primed, too.  I had to move everything outta there so I hope it goes fast.  When ya work all the time like I do ya just want things to be streamlined so you can just get ready and go to work.

Hope you're having a lovely Tuesday!

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