Friday, October 8, 2010

Fair Pix #3: Crochet +

Hiya!  First look what I won from Pammy Sue!  All her pretty Mandala circles that she was making she decided to give'em away and I was lucky and got one.  Isn't it pretty?  You can visit her here: and see all her crochet loveliness there. 

Here are some pix of County Fair projects that actually came out focused enough to post.

This shawl was so pretty.  Off-white chiffon type fabric strips were woven into it which looks like it might have had a ripple/wavy pattern to it.  Wished I could have seen it out of the case.  The display people I found out, were hired by the county fair to display the items and I learned on Ravelry (the facebook for yarnies) that some local members had sent their projects in to be displayed and when they went to the fair to see their items on display and if they'd won a ribbon they found some of  their projects inside out or upside down, etc.  The display company that was hired should have at least hired people that knew about knitting and crochet items so they could have displayed them correctly! 

I think that this was a knitted item.  I liked the use of color but would have left off the fringe.  They must of had so many participants enter so many items that they had them draped over each much to see when it was all jumbled together.  How do ya like the gray mess in the pic on the right side?  The flash area was so white that it hurt my eyes so I just darkened it a bit so I wouldn't blind you while you were here visiting!

She did such a professional job on this.  See what I mean about the display?  Her stitches were all so neat and tidy! 

A purple felted elephant!
A crocheted hedgehog!
Hand-painted china

I decided to take the 3 day weekend so I could finish the kitchen.  Thank goodness Columbus discovered America so we could have the day off.  I'm going to make the rib recipe from Beverooni because it sounds so good to me right now and I'll actually have the time to do a bit of cooking.  Besides, maybe it will make the kitchen smell better than paint smell.  I'm off to make a list of groceries to get because I don't want to get in the car and go anywhere this wknd.  I want to finish my crochet project (pics coming next week) and finish the kitchen and eat ribs.  This turned out to be a very long winded post.  Hope you got thru it.  Have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for stopping by! 


Pammy Sue said...

I thought that looked familiar when your page first came up! Glad you got it.

Linda said...

LOL on Columbus discovering America so you could have a 3 day weekend! :) Congrats on winning the mandala circle--love the pic!