Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fair Pictures #1

Howdy y'all here are some pics of the county fair from last weekend. 

A mama goat and her new babies!

My dinner was freshly cut and fried potato chips.  OMG!  The best ever.  I even thought of going back to the fair just to get more.

The fair is huge and we only had from 3:30 to 9pm to see allot of the things we wanted to see.  We visited the barnyard animals; the Budweiser Clydesdale horses, the Human Body exhibit (which was really gross, I hate to see skeletons) the lovely ladies spinning yarn and now I understand how yarn is made!  Of course I now want a spinning wheel and some spacious land with furry friends living on it.  We saw the quilts (beautiful!) needle arts (some people sure are talented) and hand painted china of which I will post pics soon.  Next year I might enter something I crocheted and definitely need to spend the whole day as we felt rushed.

It has been hot all week and it really has killed my business.  Hardly seems like Oct. begins tomorrow.  It's been hot in my bedroom and I haven't slept well.  I get the permanent crown on my tooth tomorrow morning (yeah, that will soon be over with) and my dance and Pilates classes are going well.  At least I've kept it cool (not cold) here at the shop and have spent some time looking at crochet patterns on the web.  Hope you are having a fab day!

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