Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hi, The yarn I purchased on ebay is really thin.  Lace type yarn.  I can't do least not yet, HELP!  Does anyone have any ideas for this type of yarn?  How easy is it to crochet 2 or more stands together?  I liked the color not checking to see the TYPE of yarn (as she kicks herself).  It looked so much different in the pix especially super sizing the pic on ebay.  Here it looks thin.  What should I make with it?

Hey maybe I should learn to weave!!??

I went to Tuesday Morning (a close-out store) and bought some bamboo knitting needles (for cheap along with some other yarnie delights) and gonna give knitting a whirl.  I learned a long time ago (in what seems like another life but never made anything) but it's coming back to me thanks to u-tube videos.  I also bought some green linen+cotton yarn to go with the other yarn I already own to make those (Not Forgotten) summer hats.  So many projects darn, and so little time, darn it.  DARN, Darn, darn.

Well, I must get back to work now, thanks for stopping by!


Linda said...

Is it thin enough for a lacey shawl or scarf or even some of those "wristers" like they show on the Lion Brand website?

Good luck with the knitting--I finally caved in & bought some lighter weight crochet needles. I just don't have the patience right now to learn knitting, but it's still on my bucket list!

I hear ya' about so many projects. ;)

Pammy Sue said...

I agree with Linda. I usually use thinner yarn for shawls and sometimes scarves. It's hard to tell when you're making something with thin yarn how it will look when you're finished. But hang in there and block it when you're finished. It will be beautiful.

I never found holding two strands together to be difficult. The very first afghan I made was done that way.