Saturday, September 11, 2010

Edging Decided!

Here's the practice edging I did while trying to choose the border for my afghan.  It's from my new crochet borders book.  I went around one of the squares.  The edging is from the dark green row outward.  Of course I'll frog the edging when it's time to add this square into the blanket.  I like how it is just a tad ruffled and it has only 4 rounds!  I'm gonna do this round in white and not green (see red circle in pic).  That way the green will look a bit like stems for the lavender stitches so they look like flowers.  Yup, when you're a flower freak that is what you do.

Look what my friend Tracy made for me for my b-day.  I feel lucky.  Can you guess what it is?  I did immediately when I saw it.  It's the perfect gift!!!  I LOVE IT.  I have used it almost everyday since she gave it to me.

Tracy makes beautiful quilts and someday she can show me what she knows (I say to myself hopefully like) please.

See, it holds my crochet hooks!  Did you guess right?  The next morning when I got up, I put them all in their new home.  She also gave me this darling strawberry pot with seeds (a kit) that I will start next spring.

Here's a couple pix of my new yarn (ahem, thread) together with the new green I got since it was handy and tried the two together.  It worked pretty good, the yarns stayed together nicely, so far so good.  Now to find a yarn that will go with it color wise, is the key to it working out.  Then what shall I make???

Hope you're having a lovely and relaxing weekend despite the fact that our world changed drastically 10 years ago today.  My prayers are with everyone who lost someone dear to them, so damn sad.  Even with the state of our economy, it's great to be alive.  Be thankful and grateful for all we have.  Take care.


Linda said...

The granny square is beautiful--I love those colors. What a wonderful way to store your crochet needles! I am amazed how neat your two colors look together--almost looks like a grape vine! Clever use of that thread.

knitandcrochet said...

Lovely! And that border looks a little familiar!
Happy Stitching,
Edie Eckman