Friday, September 24, 2010

Going to the County Fair

Yes, I know, we couldn't have chosen a hotter day to go to the fair, and we've been having such nice days.  That's what happens when you're a working stiff like me!  It was a toss-up between tomorrow (hot) or next wknd (the last wknd of the fair, lotsa people).  We chose HOT over PEOPLE.  If you've never been to a metropolitan city you have no idea how many people there can be in one area at a time.  In LA everybody drives a car so it's people+cars!

I'm going to meet my friend Tracy there after work and we're gonna check out the needle-arts, crochet & knitting projects, see weaving, spinning and candlemaking demos and check out the quilt show.  I always like to quickly see the barnyard/4H club animals, too.  It just wouldn't be the county fair without smelling like it!

Yup fall is here, we can tell by the heat that burns the leaves off the trees instead of them changing colors.  I'm really hoping it doesn't get past 95f tomorrow.  I'm gonna have to find one of my "packed up because we're going to be moving, HATS" tonight so I don't burn my face off.  Since Tracy is still getting her energy back after her cancer surgery and treatments, we'll just rest and duck into the air-conditioned marketplace bldgs when we need to.  It'll be fun even if it'll be hot.  I even heard they have deep fried frozen lemonade this year.  What's up with that?

Here's a sneak peek at some of my new stash I got on ebay.  I hope I have enough for the project I want to do.  I'd better get back to work, the UPS, DHL and Fedex bills are calling out to be reconciled.

Hope you get to do something fun this weekend!  Take care!

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