Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Productive 3-Day Weekend

Over the holiday weekend, I dead-headed the flowers, watered with one last plant feeding and got more tan on my shoulders and the tops of my feet.

In the kitchen, I got the last 2 panels of the curtains hung, one long cabinet cleaned and refinished with half the woodwork cleaned in the eating area; painted some of the hardware (pix coming in the next few days) and little paint touch ups here and there.

Only 3 loads of laundry, multiple up and down the stairs, one pumpkin pie made with my last years pumpkin that was cooked and frozen and 2 dinners cooked up.  Let's see, some grocery shopping, too.  Oh, and I finished my practice edging on my afghan (pix coming soon) and mended (by sewing) 3 fabric items...I'm totally exhausted today, yipes. 

Look who was visiting my new front garden:

It's sorta creepy when they turn their head and look at you.  He's got himself situated right by that flower so any unsuspecting bug that lands becomes his lunch.  EEeeek.  Enough of that...

Here are some flowers that are blooming now:

The mums are blooming a bit early this year.

The mini red rose has enjoyed our mild summer.

Because you are soooo sweet for coming to visit, here is a heart cactus for you!

I'll be back soon with fix-it updates and my yarnie stuff.
Be Good!

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Pammy Sue said...

That rose is beautiful and perfect! Why did you go and ruin it with that creepy praying manthis? Eww! I hate those! They look like aliens.