Thursday, September 23, 2010

Update #2

Well, I got the second coat on and in some places it looks like it needs a 3rd coat.  We're getting there...seems slow at times.  Geez, if I just had a money tree in the backyard or didn't have to work, I'd be done!

Here's a couple of pics of the before and after of the kitchen cabinet hardware.  I thought I took some pix of the outlet covers before I sprayed 'em BUT, did not.  Even if some places could use the 3rd coat it just LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER than before.  No pix of that yet because when I finish, there will be the FINAL REVEAL.  Sorta like the Extreme Makeover Home Edition, (not).  But I can wish.  Ya know, some people told us to apply to them and we'd get the makeover done to our house.  Truth is, they started just tearing down everyone's house and ours just needs major makeover, not do-over!  Besides, we wouldn't have qualified since we didn't have that, "needy-ness" and hero/destitute/drama thing going on.  I actually used to watch that show when it first was on because I'm fascinated at the amazing things people can to with saws, drills, ingenuity and paint!  But, when I found out that people who had been on the show were losing their new houses to taxes, IRS gift tax, increased property taxes and they couldn't afford the utilities for such large houses etc., I got disgusted.  It's like, "Here ya go now, enjoy this new house until the government takes it away from you".  I don't mean to rant here or be political but I feel a change is coming from "we the people" who are disgusted at how large and inefficient (that's a nice word for it) our government has become. 

The magic of paint!  I sprayed 'em with antique brass and then did an antiquing over the paint using the Restorzit product that I'm putting on the cabinets to highlight the indented areas.  The darker outlet cover, I just brushed the gold on the highlighted area where it was worn a bit and then sprayed the polyurethane on top to make it shine.  Now, I didn't choose this hardware but it goes with the kitchen so instead of throwing them out, I made 'em look better at least!

Here's something prettier!  The Coleus plant sure likes it on the front porch!

The yarn I bought on ebay came so I'm gonna go home now and play with it!  Happy evening to you!

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Pammy Sue said...

Your paint job on the hardware looks great! So does the coleus. I love coleus! I have a big pot of it on my front porch too.

Have fun with your new yarn!