Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nose to the Grindstone

Hi'yall!!  Busy Bee here to say that it's been a full week and I'm tired but I must keep going as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Maybe the economy is improving since I've a small business and I was really busy on Wednesday and then I took off Veteran's Day (thank you vets who help keep us free) to work on the house and then on Friday I was really busy again.  In fact, I've been so busy that I haven't had time to regularly visit the blogs that I enjoy, boo hoo.  All my filing is getting backlogged, too.  I hate filing, ugg.  I can't seem to get ahead of it.  I file some and then the piles seem to grow on their own, damn it.  So, I've been working the shop extra hours and then working on the home, too.

Talk about nose to the grindstone, JD, my sis' hubby came over to help with some fix-it stuff on Thursday and he and my son were putting in a new base cabinet, sink and faucet in the basement bathroom (pix soon) and of course they had to shut off the water to work on the plumbing and so I was told, "The water's off" and then I figured that I'd vacuum clean as I didn't need any water for that but then decided to check my email so I sat down and then since it's been so dry, my skin and nose have been itchy and my sinuses were already irritated from all the sanding dust so I started rubbing my nose and then it started to bleed and so I rush to turn on the water and then damn, no water.  Amazing how dependent we are on using the faucet for instant water.  Thank goodness I have a bottle of water in my room.  After getting that under control, I picked up my crochet and relaxed in the chair for a bit before resuming the chores of the day.

This is my bathroom at night all cleared out ready to paint the ceiling.  You can see some downtown Los Angeles skyline through the glass door.  That is scaffolding for the painters that you can also see thru the glass.  BTW, that sliding door opens into thin air, nope no patio to walk out onto; the second floor and it's a loooong way to fall.  Yeah, the people before us were crazy and did crazy things to the house like this red and black bathroom.

Here it is after painting the ceiling and the temporary old curtain put back up and before all my paraphernalia and plants fill up the place.  Remember the popular sunkin' tubs from the 80's?  Well, I've never used this tub for fear it would fall thru the floor.  Remember the movie with Tom Hanks, "The Money Pit"?  Yup, it's just like this house.

Different angle without flash

The renovations are coming along.   I used the refinish stuff on the masterbath's cabinets just so we could be all done with one room except for new curtains that are still needed.  This weekend I'll go back to working on the kitchen cabinets again. The part of the kitchen that is still left to do is where all the real cooking and cleanup occurs and so those cabinets are really way worse than those I've already done.  Nothin' like leaving the worst for last!

My goodness it's a gorgeous day here.  I would much rather be outside enjoying the sunshine instead of working, grocery shopping and then house renovating!  I'm getting close to finishing my Pilate's bag cover which is good since there are gifts to be worked on.  Now, if I just didn't have to sleep!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Pammy Sue said...

My-my, you are a busy little bee! I kinda like that red and black bathroom. Not sure how long I'd like it if it was in my house though!

I think, but I'm not sure, that my hot flashes are at a minimum after the Maca root. Will wait a few more days before I declare it a success! Thanks again for the "hot" tip. hee-hee.

Have a great weekend!

Clara said...

You really have been working. It will all pay off in the end.

Josie said...

Hi Annie, that red bathroom...only in Hollywood...gotta love it! Good luck with the ongoing makeover. We've been in our house for 14 yrs and it's still a work in progress. Hope you're able to steal away for some crochet time :-)

Linda said...

You are so ambitious! i think your bathroom is spectacular--that view!

D. Carlen said...

WOW your bathroom is grand; puts my little ole toidy to shame. Hugs, D