Saturday, November 20, 2010

Heat's On and a Crazy Week

Whoa, whata week...but I turned on the temperamental heater this morn for the first time since last spring  when I got in the shop and it actually worked!  HEAT, yay!  It's been a blustery day and a sorta cold rain.  That's ok since I'm warm and dry.
This week has been like this:
After I moved the fridge back against the wall, I forgot to turn it back on until I found my uh-oh the next morn.

I was getting a new cold and then I got an ugly cold sore on my lip.  1) I'm thinking all my customers are looking at my fat lip and grossing out. 2) It hurt like the dickens.

I get up on Wed. morn and my upper back seizes up on my left side while I go to brush my teeth and then like an idiot, I think I'll just twist and make it better, MISTAKE.  It starts hurting so bad and pinching on my nerve that I go into tears spontaneously and carefully go downstairs to tell Big Al that he needs to drive me to work but  take me to the Chiropractor first.  I take my magnesium drink to control the spasms it helps and then down 2 Tylenol.  I have to be hurting to take any meds!

Their morning is filled with patients (what?  I have to wait? ahem, I'm hurting here) so they make me an appt. for 3:30.  I fill the time with half work, take 2 more Tylenol and half space out while leaning my back on a heating pad attached to my chair.  This is when having your own business really IS the pits.  Big Al and my son came in to help but can't take over completely.  Customers are understanding, I really do have great customers.

Ahhh! time to go...sat in the reception room and slowly crocheted a bit and then thankfully it was my turn.  Yup, the disc had slipped a tad to my left and he adjusted it and ta-da it went back in and immediately felt relief.  But since I spent several hours with the nerve being pinched, it is now Sat. and it is still sore but better than yesterday.  I've been babying it and as I write I'm leaning against my trusty heating pad.

NOTE: If you ever hurt your back don't wait.  Get to the Chiro quick.  The longer you wait the more damage it does to the nerve and takes longer to heal as well as more pain.

That same night, my daughter called me with the news that her dad's mom, (my kid's paternal Grandmother) passed on early that morning.  What a crappy day.  Dear Eunice we will miss you.  She was 93 or 94 and bless her heart, was nearly blind, was hard of hearing and just recently been admitted to Hospice as the doctors said there was nothing they could do for her any longer.  She had pains in her body that started every afternoon.  Her heart wasn't able to pump the blood to the extremities something like that.

We said our goodbyes a few months ago because she was certain her time to leave was near (she's been living in Las Vegas, NV).  She knew that I wasn't going to attend her funeral and after that conversation, I kinda knew it would be our last one on this earth.  I'll see her again someday.  Years ago, after she found out I was divorcing her son, she called me and asked if she could still see the children and my reply was, "I'm divorcing your son, not YOU!" and then told her she would always be welcome in my home and she could see the kids whenever she wanted to.  We remained close after all those years.  She's no longer in pain and that helps me deal with her passing.

Yesterday, I stopped for coffee and lunch on my way in and filled my large cup with decaf by mistake, I've never done that.  Probably best though, since caffeine stimulates the nerves when mine should be kept relaxed!

When I got home on Thurs., my son had been sanding in my walk in closet (hallway) and all the work I did cleaning my bathroom and bedroom, laundering, mopping, swiffer-ing and vacuuming all for naught.  There was a film of white dust on everything.  Originally, he was only going to do a bit of patching and paint.  Any sanding was gonna be minimal by hand.  Then on his own decided to use the electric sander and what a mess.  It has gone through the sliding mirrored doors and onto all my clothes and needless to say, I was so upset especially because I think all my "AMBITIOUSNESS" with cleaning stressed out my back which caused it to spaz-out and now it's all a mess again.  I just broke down, cried and sobbed away on my bed like a little kid feeling so sorry for myself, angry at the stupid house, my son's mistake, my back injury and Eunice's death.

My son apologized and spent much of yesterday cleaning up.

I NEED A VACATION! **smiles**

The good news of the week is that my lovely cousin Jeff in Minnesota, wants my mom and me to come out next spring or summer to visit.  He had been here in CA for a short visit and was telling us about the addition he was putting in the attic and mentioned we should visit sometime.   Now, I just have to figure out a plan.  My mom will be 80 in 2011 and I'd love for her to visit with her family.

I'M NOT CLEANING THIS WEEKEND, except for some laundry.  Enough so I don't have to be naked next week.
The Lantana in the new garden is lookin' good

 If it's nice out maybe I'll go to Descanso Gardens, my happy place.

I know, this is a long post.  I'll quit now.

Take your vitamins and get your rest.  The holidays are upon us.



Clara said...

Better days ahead! At least you got it all over and done with in one big mess! Poor you. Onward and upward as they say.

Kris said...

Good morning Annielizabeth. So nice to wake up and find you as a new follower on my blog. And looky are my neighbor almost. I am just outside of Orange County in Corona. I sure hope you are taking it easy, and resting up that sore back! I shall be back for more!!!
Have a lovely day!

Pammy Sue said...

Maybe you should not move REFRIGERATORS!!! Thank you, Miss Obvious, Pammy Sue. I can definitely relate to your back troubles. I've had two back surgeries and it's no fun. Sciatica and lower back pain (or just any back pain really!) is the pits. Glad you can get relief from a chiro.

Get better soon.

Linda said...

You poor thing. :( You DO need a vacay! Hope you enjoy the holidays.

lovestitch said...

Hi Annielizabeth,
Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and leaving your lovely words, I do appreciate!

I'm so sorry to hear your story, poor you... Hope today you feel better and better...

BTW, love your pink Lantana, so lovely! :)

Hope you have a wonderful week!
LoL, xxx

Kris said...

I am back again because I just saw your comment on my previous post. You have a brother living in Corona? What a small world!!
Have a great week!!

Josie said...

My oh my, Annieliz, you've had a rough patch. Take time to enjoy your flowers and crochet and things will get better. What do you sell in your shop BTW? xxx Josie