Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hi and thanks for your get well/better wishes!  I'm much better today.  I plan to go to my dance and Pilates class tonight but I'll take it easy.  Over our rainy weekend I did clean, yeah I said I wasn't but I can't sit still and look at everything "in it's less than optimum condition".  BUT, I only cleaned my sewing machine, kinda detailed it and put some oil in the bobbin runway.  Then did a little mending with it, some laundry and polished my boots that I haven't worn in years that I plan to wear on Thanksgiving. 

Last night when I closed the shop, boy it was really chilly outside.  Finally feels like it could be Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Where in the world did this year go???

Things I'm loving right now:
Yesterday's breakfast

I got these individually wrapped biscotti at Ralphs and they are sooo good and so are the lemon kind.  I'm gonna go get some more tonight for gifts.  They aren't as hard as some kinds tend to be, ya know like they're gonna break your teeth, so you have to dip 'em.

Today's breakfast
I love these cookies, they taste allot like home-made and I got some Pumpkin Butter to put on them.  I love that stuff and get a jar every fall.  Usually I put it on toast.  I ate the cookies and they are really rich with the pumpkin on it.  Too rich really, better on toast.

I've had her for years and she is so pretty right now.

So many blooms on her.

My new garden gloves!  My others started having cracks in 'em.  These are bamboo fabric and rubber.

Kris my new blogging friend who lives close to one of my brothers, here in SoCal, gave me the inspiration to do a post on some stuff I know how to do just in time so you can use the info for the holidays.  See her pretty tissue paper party pouf balls tutorial here.  I'll be posting my tutorials as soon as I can get to it.

Hope you're having a terrific day and thanks for stopping by!


Clara said...

Glad to hear you are better today. Isn't Kris just the greatest? I have gloves almost identical to those and they are fantastic. Believe me, they went through a lot of work at my brother's blueberry farm! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

Pammy Sue said...

AL ~ Glad you are feeling better so soon. Those biscotti are a great idea for gifts. I'll have to remember that.

Kris said...

Better? Hope so! I have some gloves like that too. With 40 some odd rose bushes, I NEED them!! In answer to your question, I have 3 brothers, technically speaking, but my mom's younger brother, 13 yrs her junior, grew up with us as well. He was only a couple years older than my oldest brother. My mommy married at and had her 1st child at 16. Can you imagine. So there were 4 boys in one bedroom, in two sets of bunks, and I, the Queen bee had my own room. Oh how i ADORED being doted on and protected. But my knight in shining armor, was my Daddy!! We lost this dear man 7 yrs ago. He was the one who called me Mouse. One day, I shall explain that more.

Kris said...

PS..thanks for the shout out about the tissue poufs!!