Friday, July 2, 2010

Woo Hoo! It's a 3 day weekend

Hi, I getta have 3 days off (of course I don't get paid) but there is so much to do STILL to get the house ready to list so more gardening for me and this:

It's a wood finish restorer from a company I found out about 7 years ago and now it's time to try it out!  UPS just delivered it right now to my shop, YAY!!!!!!

There is no removing the doors off the hinges, sanding or stripping involved.  Where finish is missing use super fine steel wool and apply 2 coats.

Would I rather be going to my sis' BBQ and taking in the movie "Knight and Day", yes.  BUT, this has got to get done, the sooner the better!  AND it's a treat not to have to drive anywhere.

I got 2 bottles of the medium color for the kitchen and the 2 bathroom cabinets and one dark color bottle for one of the bathrooms and some of the baseboards in the livingroom.  Where the sun has bleached the kitchen cabinets in the eating area I may use the dark color instead of the medium to tone down the orange-ishness.  I got their wood cleaner, too as I didn't want any chance of it not working correctly and you know how kitchens can be, even if you clean it there is small grease particles that get in the air and go all over so cleaning wood is the other project this weekend.  I'll post some before, during and after of this project.  Now, I know that I won't finish the whole job but I'll have 3 sweet days of work time.  Ya, it's not much of a holiday of relaxing for me but I gotta get this house done since we packed up so many things already a year ago and I just want to get moved and settled in somewhere new.  I miss all my crafty stuff.  I will letcha know how this stuff works in case you have any wood items that could use some sprucing up!

I got some new rubber gloves and two 6-packs of flowers for the shady part of the garden; impatiens and begonias from OSH last night.  There were quite a few people there shopping and standing in the checkout line so I'm not the only crazy weekend cabinet/garden makeover warrior here.


Tonight I'm going to the grocery store and only buying ready to eat food because this gal is not cookin' anything.

I will fit in some crochet time since I decided to keep part of the top instead of frogging it all.  I'm saving the band part and making a scarf with it and then the rest of the yarn will be for a summer hat, which I haven't decided on the one I want to make yet but I'm getting closer.

I'm adding 3 tiny grannies to each side and then do hdc stitches the rest of the way to make it long enough to be called a scarf.  My work won't be all wasted and I could use a soft scarf on some fall or spring mornings.

I sure do hope that you get some time off this weekend and do whatcha want.  Let's celebrate and be grateful for what FREEDOMS we have left here in America.

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