Saturday, July 10, 2010

So far so good...

An update on my refinishing project.  All went well and I took before pics but it's been overcast in the mornings to take the after pics and I haven't been home until dark being busy with work.  So, I plan on taking some after pics tomorrow.  I finished the smallest bathroom cabinet.  In the areas where there was missing finish and color it will need to have a second coat.  They're all shiny now and look sooo much better!  It was so easy, too.  I promise, pics in next post.

The front garden is now OFFICIALLY DONE except for occasional weeding and daily watering until the roots are established.  I took pics but they didn't come out good so I'm taking more tomorrow of them as well.

I also want to apologize if  you saw some ads on my blog.  I use Firefox as my browser (love it) instead of Explorer and there is an add-on that blocks all ads (looooovve it especially on sites that have a ton of ads that slow down page loading).  Well, I went to add a couple of new gadgets and they weren't working right so I disabled the ad blocker and noticed that I had some google ads appearing on a couple of gadgets I already had.  Then I went to find out how they got there because I never signed up for "monetizing my blog".  Talk about a maze from hell on "blogger help" trying to figure out that so instead, I just deleted those gadgets.  I'll research that later.

If you have a Trader Joe's near you this is my latest fav from there.  If you like blue cheese dressing and pecans you'll like this:

Here are some pics of my darling niece's dance recital:

She was in 8 dances and these are just pics of 4.  She did so well, she's such a beautiful dancer!

I'll end off with how amazing mother nature is.  Look at the Lobelia flowers growing out of the cracked pot.  Yes, I need to repot this vine plant.  I'll get to it one of these days....

Now I'm off to the weekend, bye for now!


Linda said...

Your niece looks like you! What a doll. Love the lobelia. Looking forward to your pics--I'd love to redo our cabinets, but I'm lazy. :)

D. Carlen said...

You seem as busy as me. The pics of your niece are lovely. She looks like quite the dancer there. Am still painting - the bath\laundry room now; but trying to make time for crafting. Current post is knitting for fashion dolls; check it out if it interests you at all. Take care, Donna
P.S. I primed and painted a coffee mug hutch and it looks so bad, you'd think I painted it with a rake...and, I hung it back on the wall anyhow (at least for the time being) hahahaha