Friday, July 30, 2010

New Crochet Book

I decided that I needed to decide on a border for my afghan or it will never get finished.  So I got this book, Around the Corner Crochet Borders and... I got lured in by the pretty cover.  Yes, there really are 150 different borders in it, (unlike some crochet books that say there is allot of patterns but then you find the only bit of difference is using different colors together).  It also has the corners all figured out so your blanket will lie flat.  I think that every crocheted creation needs to have a complimentary border be it simple or extravagant depending on what it is.  Ya know, so it's finished looking.  This book had great reviews so I went and got it.  It's just what I needed.  I've had fun with this book, practicing a few borders.  Originally, I just wanted to use white but now I may use some color in the border as well.

I like these two.   The one above, the row with the pink almost looks like rosebuds.  There are quite a few in the book that would go great on the edge of the 'ghan but I don't want to do too many rows or it may seem like it will never be done.

This one is just so "cutsie cute" but I love it because I'm such a flower freak.  I think I'm going to make something just so I can use this border.  It won't look right on the blanket though.  First I have to finish the scarf then the hat, then while working on the blanket I can start another project, one that is smaller and portable.

Guess I'd better head on home since I found a little critter trying to make his way into my shop this morning and he must be hungry by now.  Why he was there in a parking lot with no foliage around he must've been lost!

Then I got my watering can and scooped him up and I told him he wouldn't find any food in my shop and that I was going to take him home and put him in my new garden.  He hasn't eaten all day, poor guy.  He looks big in the pic but he is only 2 1/2" or so to the end of his tiny tail.  If you grew up with 5 brothers then you wouldn't be afraid of lizards.  I never liked their pet snakes though.  Lizards and frogs, ok.  Lizards will eat lotsa bugs in your garden, nature at her finest.

Hope you are having a wonderful Friday night!


D. Carlen said...

While those bright borders get you all excited about POPPING the border on your piece, be careful not to stray so far from your original idea. Not every border or edging should resemble a pinata, as illustrated. (My 2 cents.) Hugs, D

Linda said...

I've had that book on my Amazon wishlist for awhile! I might have to get it. To me, the border is kind of like fluting the crust of a pie--you don't have to do it to make it taste good, but it sure makes it prettier.

You soft-hearted thing--glad the little guy has a new home!