Saturday, July 24, 2010

Guess What This Is!

Hi, Can you guess what this is or what it's for?

Hint: It turns something on...

Yup, it's a knob.  But, what does it turn on?

Guess what it is yet?  Hint: It cools you off...

Try to guess...

Scroll down a bit more to see what it is...


Many moons ago I purchased 2 of these.  One for home and one for the shop.  Last year while bringing the shop fan home the knob got lost (I think it is somewhere in the old van).  So instead of getting rid of it or using a pliers to turn it on on and off I made a knob out of polymer clay.  I used the German brand called Fimo.  I got the kind with sparkles in it just for fun.  I molded it by hand and made sure it fit in the metal shaft and then baked it in the oven until hard.  The cool thing about this clay is that it doesn't really shrink.  Years ago I made jewelry with this type of clay and so was familiar enough with it to make a utilitarian object out of it.  It works really well.

Now, I think my knob is cuter than the original that looked like this:

         What do you think?

OK, I'm off to plant these in the side yard where it's shady and empty since I stole the plants from there to go in the front garden because they needed more sun. BUT before I do that I need to pick up a few yummies from the market.

To leave you with a little pretty, here is a pic of my new Geranium plant I got for myself on Mother's Day.


Seelenfein... said...

Yes, it´s more cuter, than the older. Very good. =)

Your flowers are so beautiful.

Yes, we get a new car - today. =) The father of my hubby (don´t know how it say in english...) came today and bring us our new car.

Have a nice day.

Many smiles and lovely greets,

Linda said...

I said "wow" when you explained the knob! How very clever. Your flowers are lovely, even if they don't get enough sun. Impatiens and geraniums burn up this time of year in Oklahoma. :(

Love the new look!

BTW, I've given up on learning to knit right now. Going to try to use my stash of yarn to crochet some things, PLUS I'm going to take up quilting after a 25 year hiatus, to make a quilt! Are you pursuing learning to knit?