Monday, July 12, 2010

Front Garden is DONE!

Here's some before and after pics of the front garden.  This one is from Spring 2004:

Like my weeds?  This one is from Spring 2006:

Yeah, these are the plants that will finally be put into the soil.  This pic below is a couple months ago after the cement was put in to support the moving gates.

This is after the soil amendment has been added, the soil turned over and almost ready to put in the permanent plants:


We have succulents, many different Geranium plants, 2 rose bushes, an Hibiscus bush, several Lily of the Nile (purple flowers that you see) and I threw some California Poppy and Alyssum seed (little white flowered low growing plant) that will come up when it's ready!  These are all plants that conserve water when they are established which is important for our lack of rain fall we have here.

My first attempt at a panoramic picture taken in 3 photos and then stitched together using the software that came with my camera.  I should have taken it aimed more at the sky than at the ground.  Cool tool none the less!  If you click on the pic is should take you to a full page picture.

Now, if there was a magic way to get rid of the cracks in the driveway cement!  Bye for now!

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Linda said...

Lovely and elegant and very inviting!