Saturday, June 26, 2010

Before I Frog...

Hi, here's a pic of my Sea Breeze top before I take it apart.  It was not fitting right so I am gonna make summer hats out of the yarn instead.  But, first off I didn't use the recommended yarn and second when I got home from purchasing the yarn there was a pattern included on the overwrap for washcloths and all of a sudden I had this feeling of horror that I would be wearing a washcloth for Gods' sake so...I kept at it anyway and then after I tried it on, decided it wasn't really flattering on me so before I spent more time on it and then not liking it... well, it's gonna be made into 1-3 hats as many as will use up the yarn and may be use this pattern without all the flowers:

or this one:

or this one with a small flower:

How do you think I got the idea for turning it into a hat?

This is the bodice of the Sea Breeze top but looks more like a hat for someone's huge friggin head!!  Go ahead, LOL!!!!  Supposed to look like this when it was done:

I know I have much to learn about crocheting.  I'm doing my best not to get discouraged!  I have had success with hats so I'm going there.
Bye for now...


Seelenfein... said...

Oh, hats are beautiful, too. =)

I would crochet the breeze top, have the pattern here, but no time... Anytime, i make this.

I´m happy to see your 1 or 2 or more hats. Let´s crochet.

Have a beautiful and wonderful day.

Many smiles and lovely greets,

Linda said...

What kind of yarn did you use--it looks beautiful! I love the color too.

D. Carlen said... looks like it was coming along nicely...not dishcloth-ish at all. Have fun with the hats.