Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer!

What a pretty day it has been.  Just the perfect temperature and the right amount of sun!  I know I haven't posted in awhile, it's just that I've been so busy trying to get the plants in the garden before it is so darn scorching hot that it burns them before they get rooted.  Often, I'd stay after work a bit and write a post or get the next post ready to put up but I have been leaving right at 5:30 so I'd get home and work outside until I just couldn't see any longer.  At the same time my poor shop is getting all back logged as I haven't been staying on top of things and my back room, although not perfectly organized... well today, I couldn't walk in there to put away some new picture boxes that I got on Saturday so I stayed after today to tidy up a bit.  I found some bottles of Trader Joes's Orange Cream Soda that I forgot I had back there on the shelf up does have a perk or two!

I decided to frog my Sea Breeze top that I've been making out of Lily cotton.  I made the top band too long so I frogged it a bit and then I added several rows to the bottom and then I tried it on over the weekend and I thought that it wasn't going to be flattering to my shape so why continue with it if I'll never wear it????  It was heavy in my opinion for a summer top and I read that 100% cotton yarn can get to stretching so I'm going to make a couple of summer hats out of the yarn instead.  The pattern called for a part cotton and part acrylic yarn and I didn't like the sound of synthetics for the hot summer but then I chose the cotton and it doesn't seem right either, hmmm.  Since I'm new to crochet, I still have many things to learn!!

I'll have some pics put up soon of my niece's dance recital and some of my front garden.  Enjoy today's Summer Solstice our longest daylight of the year.  I'm gonna go home now and search my patterns for summer hats.  Have a lovely evening!


Pammy Sue said...

Here-here on frogging that sweater if you've decided you won't wear it. It takes A LOT of time to crochet something. Don't waste your time on anything you don't love to pieces!

Thank you for reminding me (again) about the vitamins! Can you please email me a couple of times a week and remind me of that? :O Just kidding. But every time you have said that to me, I go in there and take my extra B and Magnesium. I need to start putting them in my pill box with my other daily stuff so I'll remember. I guess I need a bigger one. Ha.

Take care and enjoy that sunshine! Can't wait to see your garden.

Annemarie's Breiblog said...

Hi Annielizabeth! Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog! And ofcourse thanks for posting the picture. I'm glad it worked! What a shame that the top didn't work out, but that's how it goes in crochet (-: Hope to see you again on my blog! I will follow yours for sure!