Friday, May 28, 2010

Sex and the City 2

Went to see this film last night at 7:30 p and it was almost a full theatre and on a Thursday night, too!  There were ladies meeting up with co-workers, friends and family it was amazing.  There was a token guy here and there in the audience but mostly women.  We all laughed and hooted at the same parts it was really fun.

I really enjoyed it and it seemed everyone else did also.  My fav part was when they were at the nightclub.  If you saw the series and the first movie, well it just takes off from there 2 years later.  Go grab a girlfriend and go see it.  Tell the film making world that women want to see more movies for women!

This weekend is a long one, 3 whole days, thank goodness.  Still just chippin' away at the smallish projects to get done before the house goes on the market.  Mostly gardening for me in the half round in the very front of the property.  Finally, I will get some plants in there so it will have curb appeal for potential buyers. I don't have as many potted plants to take with me when we move!  I got a couple slip covers for some furniture and will put those on this weekend, too.

I hate moving.  But I'll save that for another post.  Have a fantastic weekend and why not take in a movie??


Linda said...

My daughter & I can't wait to see SATC2--we are aiming for next weekend. Hubby was the token guy at the first one, but he may not be up for it the second time around. ;)

Good luck with your move prep. Will you miss your gorgeous view (your blog header)?

Anonymous said...

Goo-Day Just stopped by to smoke you over...make sure you are still going strong...And admire all the lovely work you are doing...Most heart warming to see you progressing so well...Not surprised though...Back soon!