Saturday, May 15, 2010

Carlsbad Flower Fields

Hi and welcome! Two brothers, my sis and mom along with 2 nephews and my niece and of course me, spent mother's day amongst the flowers in north San Diego county in a semi famous place called the Flower Fields.  It is an actual working farm where they grow the world's supply of Ranunculus Tecolote bulbs.

They are only open for about 3 months of the year with the last day being Mother's Day.  It was a cool breezy day with the sun peeking thru here and there.  It was sure beautiful and well worth the drive.

Those are condominiums up on the hill and if you lived there you could see the flowers in bloom each year!

At the Flower Fields we rode the hay wagon:

We saw a bonsai show.  These were my favorites:

Then the kids played in the Santa's Village mini-park:

Then we worked our way over to the sweet pea maze where I got all mixed up and had to get help from my niece to get outta there!

It was a very fragrant place to be lost in.

Then we headed over to TGI Fridays restaurant as we were all famished after a day in the outdoors with mother nature.

Hope you get a chance to visit next year.  Have a lovely weekend!

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