Friday, June 25, 2010

I Love Heart Berries

The friendly neighborhood Fruit Man came by the shop today and wondered if I needed any strawberries.  Amazing how he remembers that I'll buy those from him in June and to have him come today when I was thinking about getting some tomorrow!  Psychic or a good salesperson?? 

Anyway, I have been deciding since I don't fit in many of my summer pants that I need to cut down on calories or exercise more.  I've never had to really count calories or do major dieting but as the years go by I keep gaining a little here and there.  Usually what I would do is if a fav pair of pants got a bit snug we'll I'd just cut out some carbs and that seemed to work until now.  Soooo, I decide to do a little counting and pay more attention to the amount I'm eating and not eating late, like past 7:30ish.  Then what did I come home from the store with last Sat?  Whipping cream instead of half in half for my coffee...darn the carton sure looks the same.  Just what I needed.  I was already considering using milk instead sooo... I decided to get some berries and make a shortcake this Sunday to use the whipcream up and share the LOVE and the FAT with hubby and son. 

So that's what I'll be doing along with more gardening.  Which reminds me I need to go and get some topsoil because I'm getting close to finishing up the new garden.  So off to OSH I'm going now.  I just love that they have the drive-thru and they put the heavy stuff in your car for you.  Happy weekend to you!


Seelenfein... said...

Hello Annie,

*yummy* i love fresh strawberries. =) I can eat they all the day.

Thanks for stopping by at my blog and for your lovely comment.

You have a beautiful blog, too. And i love to read it.

Have a wonderful and happy weekend.

Lovely greets,

Pammy Sue said...

Those are beautiful strawberries! YUM. Strawberry shortcake sounds really good.

I took ALL my vitamins this morning! Go me.

D. Carlen said...

Hi :) You're right, we have a lot in common; thanks for commenting at my blog and becoming my first follower. I'm excited ~ it feels like a new adventure and natural extension of teaching. I'm taking a break right now from ceiling painting. Ugh.

When I was 6 we visited Las Vegas (relatives there) and the same gal who taught me to knit that summer made real whipped cream with a mixer and heavy cream. I thought it was magical. At 10, visiting the old neighborhood where we lived when I was 2 -- the daughter of my mom's friend put corn kernels in a lidded pot with salad oil and popped it. I had only before eaten Jiffy Pop brand on the stove, so this, again, was magical. Oh, those two girls - my food heros. Haha.

To answer your question, CYCOA is Craft Yarn Council of America, and FIT is Fashion Institute of Technology (New York). OK, stopping this comment now before it becomes a novel. Crafty hugs, Donna