Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Being Constructive

Here's a few pix of what's going on around here.  This is my sis' husband JD who is helping to fix up the not so lovely parts of our house.  This is him this morning in our basement.  It is partially underground.  Most houses in Southern California do not have basements as it doesn't freeze here and so our foundations don't crack.  But they will crack with those darn earthquakes we have.  We are fixing the wall because of some water damage.  Water is wonderful until it goes where you don't want it.  This house was built in 1948 and is in need of lotsa repairs.  The ceiling opening is where we had the kitchen pipes repaired awhile ago and so this room (which was originally {supposedly} maids quarters) is getting fixed and will finally look nice! 

JD's trade is electrician and he is great at it.  He keeps the Orange County Hospitals up and running, especially the ICU backup generators and all that good stuff.  But he is very handy and knowledgeable when it comes to fixing things.  Ya wanta have him fix your electricity problems? Then he's the MAN for you.  Leave me a comment or email me and I will get back to you!

Finally finished with the new brochures.  These are the chosen ones.  The paper choice was easy since I had it on hand and I really needed to use up what I have and not be wasteful.  But the format and design went through some changes.  I printed some up yesterday and now they are ready for customers to grab.  Now to complete folding all of them and where in the heck did I put the 3 tier clear plastic brochure holder??? *sigh*  I just looked in my storage room and what a SCARY place that is.  Totally in need of organizing (again, she sighs).  Use the back up plan and use some other brochure holders until I find the other one, ughhh!  I'm off to locate those, see ya...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mr. Bill

Cool and crisp morning here and it's gonna be a lovely day.  When I was doing some yard and garden clean-up this weekend, I realized that autumn here means it gets so hot it fries the leaves off the trees and bushes unlike where it gets cold and the leaves actually turn color, look pretty and then fall off.  Sometimes we get a cool fall and the leaves do change a bit before they fall off.  I don't think that is gonna happen this time.  One thing though is that we can have roses blooming much through the end of the year and a Christmas rose is really a treat.  Here are some photos of the shop taken last week.

The red door to the right is our entrance and you can see the DHL signs in the window. 

This is looking south on Temple City Blvd.  See the Fedex sign?  We also ship UPS.

This is the shop looking at both windows.  Now you know where we are and you can come visit!  We'd love to have you stop in and say hi.  Next up is a picture of the BEST MAILMAN on the planet.  I could not do my job without him.  He brings the mail to me and then I sort it into the correct mailboxes.  He's a sweet, lovable guy and he delivers the mail with a cheerful smile all the time.  He's really the best!

His name is Bill but sometimes I call him Billy Bob just for fun.  Over time I will be posting pix of all the people that help me in my business and make my world go 'round.  Hope you all have a terrific week!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Too Hot To Trot

Too hot to move!  Reached 100+ degrees today here in the San Gabriel Valley.  Should be cooling down by Monday.  Looks like the firemen and women are getting the Ventura fires under control, YEAH!  When I looked out the back window of my bedroom this morn, the view of the skyline of downtown LA and west towards the ocean was hazy from the fires.  We of course aren't the only ones contending with mother nature.  My heart goes out to those in the southern US around Georgia who have been flooded out of their homes. 

This week while we've having a heat wave, I've had fewer customers and have been less busy.  This always seems to happen whether it is too hot, too much rain, an earthquake, fires or major news events.  People must be glued to their TV sets watching events or won't come out because they will sweat or get wet!  What I do when that happens is: I get to cleaning and organizing and using the time to delve into projects such as updating my brochures.  Yesterday and today have been spent doing that.  It is never too early to be thinking about Christmas and the holidays either.  With the economy the way it is I will probably cut back on my supply orders this year.  Gotta get to finishing the brochures and I'll be back with more pics tomorrow.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Little Shop

Gonna be a warm one again today, it's bright and sunny with a totally blue sky.  One thing about these hot dry days (as long as there is no fires burning nearby) is less smog and the seemingly endless robin's egg colored sky.  If you want to check out my shop here's a link  http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=temple+city+postal+centre&fb=1&gl=us&hq=postal+centre&hnear=temple+city&view=text&latlng=11621872630565453589 this is to the google maps page and tells a bit about our store.  We don't have a website (yet).   There's a couple pics there of the outside of the shop and I need to update them since my neighbor, Dr. Hom recently painted his building and hung a new awning.  I'll post a few more pics of the shop here tomorrow.

I should get going as I have allot of stuff to do today.  Some boring paperwork and such to get done in between the customers.  The un-fun part of having a business.  Don't get me wrong, I love to organize and straighten up, it's the actual paperwork and filing that's a drag.  Now, add to my list to get the camera go outside and take pics of the store while it is so nice and bright out.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Morning Hot Day

Wow, it's gonna be a hot one today, thankfully it's dry heat.  Now if everyone will just not start any more fires we can all relax a bit especially our wonderful firemen and women.  Enough acreage burned already...end of story.  

I love to people watch, do you?  This morning on my way to work, a nice looking gray haired man was sitting waiting for the bus as I was waiting for the light to change and he had a bag from the 99 cent store and was eating chips with a bottle of salsa and he looked like he needed a drink because the expression on his face said it was a bit hot.  Wished I'd had a bottle of water to chuck out the window for him. 

I stopped into my fav store, Whole Foods Market in East Pasadena, to get a bite to eat and to get a cup of coffee.  When I got out of the car it was really too warm for coffee but I got some anyhow.  Needed a bit of kick this morning.  Then I made it too sweet and was trying to drink it down so I could add more coffee to the cup and doing this without allowing myself to gag.  When I have coffee, I don't feel hungry.  Now, if I could just survive on coffee, I'd be thin.  How does coffee effect you?  I try not to have it everyday because I don't want to get "hooked" on it.  So I have tea instead.

My display box didn't get painted until later in the day yesterday and I think that one more coat on the one side will do, gotta cover up some black marker.  When I got here to the shop this morn' and as soon as I entered, I could smell the paint and that has reminded me that it's really time to paint all the walls and do more sprucing up here.  I really like to paint.  I love how fresh and bright it looks afterward.  Add to my "to do" list!  Have a great day!  

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's the 1st day of Autumn and my 1st Post!

Hi, I figured that today would be a good day to make my blogging debut since Fall has been my favorite time of year for quite awhile now.  Although it can still be hot here through October, the heat is almost over, vacations are over, the kids are back in school and everyone's getting into a new normalMy plan is to write everyday and would appreciate reader input.  The internet still fascinates me and I've already made friends online and we too, can be friends. 

I'd better get going, it'll soon be time to open my shop and I have a display box to paint red this morning...

I hope that your Fall is filled with good-natured ghosts and goblins; great food, drink and happiness always.  Come back tomorrow and say, hi!