Friday, September 25, 2009

Too Hot To Trot

Too hot to move!  Reached 100+ degrees today here in the San Gabriel Valley.  Should be cooling down by Monday.  Looks like the firemen and women are getting the Ventura fires under control, YEAH!  When I looked out the back window of my bedroom this morn, the view of the skyline of downtown LA and west towards the ocean was hazy from the fires.  We of course aren't the only ones contending with mother nature.  My heart goes out to those in the southern US around Georgia who have been flooded out of their homes. 

This week while we've having a heat wave, I've had fewer customers and have been less busy.  This always seems to happen whether it is too hot, too much rain, an earthquake, fires or major news events.  People must be glued to their TV sets watching events or won't come out because they will sweat or get wet!  What I do when that happens is: I get to cleaning and organizing and using the time to delve into projects such as updating my brochures.  Yesterday and today have been spent doing that.  It is never too early to be thinking about Christmas and the holidays either.  With the economy the way it is I will probably cut back on my supply orders this year.  Gotta get to finishing the brochures and I'll be back with more pics tomorrow.

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