Monday, September 28, 2009

Mr. Bill

Cool and crisp morning here and it's gonna be a lovely day.  When I was doing some yard and garden clean-up this weekend, I realized that autumn here means it gets so hot it fries the leaves off the trees and bushes unlike where it gets cold and the leaves actually turn color, look pretty and then fall off.  Sometimes we get a cool fall and the leaves do change a bit before they fall off.  I don't think that is gonna happen this time.  One thing though is that we can have roses blooming much through the end of the year and a Christmas rose is really a treat.  Here are some photos of the shop taken last week.

The red door to the right is our entrance and you can see the DHL signs in the window. 

This is looking south on Temple City Blvd.  See the Fedex sign?  We also ship UPS.

This is the shop looking at both windows.  Now you know where we are and you can come visit!  We'd love to have you stop in and say hi.  Next up is a picture of the BEST MAILMAN on the planet.  I could not do my job without him.  He brings the mail to me and then I sort it into the correct mailboxes.  He's a sweet, lovable guy and he delivers the mail with a cheerful smile all the time.  He's really the best!

His name is Bill but sometimes I call him Billy Bob just for fun.  Over time I will be posting pix of all the people that help me in my business and make my world go 'round.  Hope you all have a terrific week!

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