Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Morning Hot Day

Wow, it's gonna be a hot one today, thankfully it's dry heat.  Now if everyone will just not start any more fires we can all relax a bit especially our wonderful firemen and women.  Enough acreage burned already...end of story.  

I love to people watch, do you?  This morning on my way to work, a nice looking gray haired man was sitting waiting for the bus as I was waiting for the light to change and he had a bag from the 99 cent store and was eating chips with a bottle of salsa and he looked like he needed a drink because the expression on his face said it was a bit hot.  Wished I'd had a bottle of water to chuck out the window for him. 

I stopped into my fav store, Whole Foods Market in East Pasadena, to get a bite to eat and to get a cup of coffee.  When I got out of the car it was really too warm for coffee but I got some anyhow.  Needed a bit of kick this morning.  Then I made it too sweet and was trying to drink it down so I could add more coffee to the cup and doing this without allowing myself to gag.  When I have coffee, I don't feel hungry.  Now, if I could just survive on coffee, I'd be thin.  How does coffee effect you?  I try not to have it everyday because I don't want to get "hooked" on it.  So I have tea instead.

My display box didn't get painted until later in the day yesterday and I think that one more coat on the one side will do, gotta cover up some black marker.  When I got here to the shop this morn' and as soon as I entered, I could smell the paint and that has reminded me that it's really time to paint all the walls and do more sprucing up here.  I really like to paint.  I love how fresh and bright it looks afterward.  Add to my "to do" list!  Have a great day!  

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