Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Little Shop

Gonna be a warm one again today, it's bright and sunny with a totally blue sky.  One thing about these hot dry days (as long as there is no fires burning nearby) is less smog and the seemingly endless robin's egg colored sky.  If you want to check out my shop here's a link this is to the google maps page and tells a bit about our store.  We don't have a website (yet).   There's a couple pics there of the outside of the shop and I need to update them since my neighbor, Dr. Hom recently painted his building and hung a new awning.  I'll post a few more pics of the shop here tomorrow.

I should get going as I have allot of stuff to do today.  Some boring paperwork and such to get done in between the customers.  The un-fun part of having a business.  Don't get me wrong, I love to organize and straighten up, it's the actual paperwork and filing that's a drag.  Now, add to my list to get the camera go outside and take pics of the store while it is so nice and bright out.

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