Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Plants the Merrier!

Lookie, lookie what I got this morning.  I got into town early so I dropped by the 99cent store and I got these plants for only for 99 cents each.  I think that this is Spanish Lavender.  They've already bloomed but that's ok.  I've never grown this type of Lavender before and I've only had some in pots and they don't really like it here very much.  I know that they like full sun, moist cool roots but not real dry hot air.  They really like the weather in the northwest; they have prolific Lavender fields up there.  SO... I have the perfect place in the new garden for them where they will get some shade at the hottest part of the day.  I also got 3 hot pink mini roses to go with the other 2 red ones I got awhile back.  I chose only one pot of the Inpatients a white one, to go with some others I have and they will get planted in the shade.

Oh and I got a small box of thin mints when I was there and I've eaten half the box already.  What could be more fun that flowers and chocolate?  Well except yarn I suppose.  Yum to the tongue but not the waistline.  I know, I'll burn off the calories working in the yard this weekend, yeah right.  Bye for now!


Kris said...

Hi Annie. Oh I haven't been there for the longest time!!! Fun!!

Pammy Sue said...

I love lavender! And what a deal for 99 cents. I hope it thrives. Just a little hint. They need water. Ha-ha.

My beautiful coral geraniums that you inspired me to get are doing great still! They make me happy.

You'll burn those calories off for problem. You gotta eat the things you love sometimes!

Love & a big hug.

maarnietvangrijs said...

Dear Annie,
Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! So nice that someone all the way in L.A. is reading my blog!!
I'm reading and discovering your blog now, you're so creative! I'm going to follow you!
Sacha (maarnietvangrijs)