Friday, July 1, 2011

Mom's 80th Birthday!

Photo by Levi Brown
It was my Momma's birthday today.  She is 80 years young.  We are planning a party for her sometime this month.  It should be fun!  I didn't get to be with her today but I'll see her soon.  This isn't her cake but it sure looks like it could be with all those candles. 

I decided to take the 3 day weekend and get as much done as I can in the garden and at the hottest part of the day I plan to go inside and do the refinishing of the blue bathroom cabinet.  I can't believe that I purchased the refinishing stuff a year ago!  There isn't much left so I did buy the correct amount, thank goodness.

This stuff works great.  I highly recommend it if you have some wooden items and don't want to strip 'em and sand 'em and all that.  This stuff goes right over existing finishes and I'm happy with the way the cabinets look.

Hope you are gonna have a relaxing weekend!  Take care...

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Terrie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Mum and wish you all a GREAT party soon.