Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Plants and Paint

Hi there,
I couldn't open my right hand all the way when I woke up yesterday morning.  I have tendonitis in my middle finger!  That hand has been stiff a bit lately with all the scrubbing, painting, gardening and yup, that's the hand I hit with the hammer several weeks ago.  Monday night I left the shop on time, got home and worked planting some more plants and then came morning and the inability to make my middle finger go straight.  So I got up and ran it under hot water and rubbed it and then it began complying with me to open and close.  No worry.  Just gotta give it a rest.  Not painful during the day or anything.  I did work Sat. afternoon and Sunday in the garden so I've just overexerted it is all.  Here's my progress:

The ivy geranium are filling in and blooming now!

Here are the Lilies that I planted exactly a year ago and they are blooming like crazy this year.


            Cuter after being painted! 
These are the thumb screws to the blue bathroom fixture.  They hold the glass pieces on.  Amazing what a little paint can do!  
                  That's all folks! 


DaCraftyLady said...

Your garden look great!! Hope the finger is better ??? I usually have the back ache by the next day...those little button knobs are so cute and like them painted.. Great job in the garden!! Debb

maarnietvangrijs said...

A wonderful garden!!!! And all your pictures look so sunny! (the weather over here is awful at the moment, only rain rain rain...) Hope your hand will get better soon.... Thank you for your lovely comment at my blog again. How nice that your greatgrandfather is Dutch!
Love, Sacha (maarnietvangrijs)

Linda said...

I love your garden, especially the lilies! Are they Lily of the Nile? Did you use spray paint on the thumb screws?

I hope your finger is better. In the past few months I've taken up spray painting nearly every Goodwill item I bring home. :) When I first started, one day my nozzle-holding finger was bent and I couldn't straighten it! I had to work with it awhile to get it to straighten out. I started using a "trigger" to paint and haven't had the problem anymore. It's amazing what these repetitive activities can do to our poor hands! And we do love working with our hands, don't we? :)

Terrie said...

Your garden looks so colorful with plants and flowers now. Very lively and summer feel. Hope your finger is getting better now. Thanks for the THANK YOU card. So lovely with cats. Ah... you know I love cats. ery thoughfulness you're.

Josie said...

Annie, please please please rest your hands so that your finger gets better. Your labors have definitely been fruitful in the garden - really pretty - but you MUST pace yourself. Sorry to sound like a nag...just take care of yourself :-) Painting those little screws was definitely an improvement. Have a good week. xxJosie