Saturday, July 9, 2011

5 Down More to Go (Grow)

Just a quick update and a few photos of what I did last holiday wknd.  I got the bathroom cabinet finished and planted 2 clumps of Bird of Paradise shrubs (that have been in pots for 10 years) for a total of only 5 plants in the new garden so far.  I worked again to get all the roots out which took time and then had to deal with moving some of the potted plants onto the porch to avoid the extreme summer sun.  The rest of the plants are much smaller and will get planted faster and I hope to get most of them in tomorrow. 

Here is a before pic of the bathroom cabinet.

Can you believe the previous owners put the same tile on the walls, around the sinks and then onto the floor?  Way too busy looking and I think this particular tile would look good on an in-ground pool, don'tcha think?

I tell ya, I'm working with what I've got to make this place sell-able.  Some "after" pics coming soon.  I haven't crocheted in weeks now.  I'm not that motivated.  Seems I just want to focus on getting this house ready because I can't stand living like this much longer.  Plus my hands are tired from all the scrubbing and pulling roots and all that.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're all finding some time to relax and enjoy your summer!


Josie said...

Hey Annie, that tile is really pretty, but definitely overwhelming if it's all over.

Nice you're still out gardening. It's been way too warm outside and I haven't been at all motivated except to water pots and squirt myself once in a while to cool down! I have to confess that birds of paradise are not amongst my fave plants. We had 4 massive, mature ones when we had our house in Thous Oaks and they overtook our front yard. They were impossible to remove at that point so we did major trimming around the perimeter of each plant and that helped. I learned to live with them!

Such an ongoing saga it seems with the house. In the meantime, I hope you have at least a part of the house you can retreat to and regroup/recharge. Give yourself and your hands a little break :-)



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