Friday, July 22, 2011

Beach Weekend and Party

Hi, seems forever since I posted and quickly this is what I've been up to:

Of course working the shop like usual.  The credit card machine went psycho last Saturday and began spitting out paper from the printer.  Glad I got to work when I did to shut it all off.  I had to order another one and so my customers have had to write checks and pay with cash this week.  Inconvenient for them but I've gotten to keep all the money and not share a percentage with the banks (Visa/MC) :)

Looking for a place to move to since the house will go on the market pretty soon (I'm told).

Packing up items, bit by bit (I hate moving).
Slowed down on the planting since my finger needed a rest and it is doing better.  Just as well I'm taking the weekend off from gardening.

Planning the 80th birthday party for our mom whereas my sis has been doing the footwork.  Thanks, Yvonne!
We have about 60 people attending.

Tonight my daughter and I are driving down to my sis' to prepare for the party that will be held on Sunday.
We plan to sneak away from the party preparation for a little time tomorrow or Sunday and go to the beach and the pier and have an umbrella drink, just the two of us.  Here are some pics of San Clemente Beach where we are headed tonight.
Walking towards the San Clemente pier

South side of pier
See the Amtrak Train?
The train runs along the beach on it's way to San Diego

North side of the pier

Since my air conditioner is packed :( I picked up a couple of these temporary window screens at Big Lots for cheap and it's better than nuthin' to let cool night air in and keep the bugs out.  Thank goodness it cools down here at night.  Made in America, too!

Have a great weekend and I'll have some party pics for ya next week!


Pammy Sue said...

Hi, Annie! I hope you do take the time to go to the beach and have a little drinky-poo. You need a break, girl! Glad you are getting away for the weekened. Hope your party goes well.

Take care and have fun! Love ya.

Kris said...

I have missed you! Your poor finger!!! Hope it is better! I love San Clemente. Are you having the party there? That's a long ways from where you live. Do enjoy the party and the umbrella drink, and the beach. Relax a little. You have been so busy!

Linda said...

Have fun at the party - 60 people is a lot!

Do you have to move out while the house is on the market?

DaCraftyLady said...

Hope your finger is healing..I love San Clemente...enjoy the beach...

Josie said...

Hiya Annie, hope your mom's party was fun...yay for Mom who turned 80! Mine turns 80 next March...she's still going strong.

Hope you were able to steal away to the beach. Great pic of the train going along the beach. The idea of going thru LA and OC traffic is usually why we don't go south as much, but reminding me about the Amtrak makes it appealing all of a sudden...

Look forward to seeing party pics at some point. Have a great week, xJosie