Friday, June 17, 2011

Last Weekend's Fun

Whoa, what a busy week since I posted last.  I have all these ideas to post stuff and then I just can't seem to make the time to do it.  Waa, waa.  Went to see Tamara dance at her recital last Sat. nite and she did great.  She was most concerned at all her costume changes (6) that she wouldn't have time and be late to the stage but it went on without a hitch.  I stayed the next day and we (my sis, Tamara, Jordan and Josiah, nephews 7 and 5 yrs.) hung out, ate, played board games, threw a big ball back and forth outside, walked to CVS and got Thrifty's ice cream cones, stopped by to get my mom's guest list for her party and picked up some really good Mexican food and then I left late for home Sun. nite.  Was I tired on Monday?  Yes.  But it was a good tired.

Here's my talented niece, she's 12 yrs:

Yes, she held still enough to take the pic!

And another shot, yeah!

Here's the only thing I got done in time for Yarn Bombing Day.  A little red flag that has traveled on my car's antenna since Saturday and has already gone 310 miles (498.89664 kilometers) and didn't come off!  A little windblown but here he is:

House repair update: I think my chiseling days are over.  I whacked my hand really hard with the hammer (by not paying attention, I'm sure it was my own distracting thoughts) that fateful Sunday morning (June 5th) and it got all bruised but it didn't stop me from doing my projects.  It began looking worse than it felt as it was only sore when I touched it and I know I didn't break any bones only blood vessels.  It swelled up and looked like I had a button under my skin (weird) but days later the bruising spread out and looked bad.  I was gonna take a pic of it and show you but, well, it was ugly and I figured you know what bruises look like and I didn't like looking at it and so you probably wouldn't either!  BUT just in case you were wondering it is greenish today!!!  After hitting my hand it made me mad, so I began hitting the end of the concrete piece with just the hammer to make it go faster and I broke the damn concrete thing about 5 inches instead of the 2" I planned on.  It worked out though and I'll show you my solution I came up with next week.  I got some of that concrete patch/sealant/calking type stuff in a tube to fix it the rest of the way, tomorrow.  That's it for now!


Pammy Sue said...

Of course we want to see the bruises and gorey things. That's the good stuff!! Ha-ha. Just like the movies. Give us the nitty-gritty!

I love your flag you hung on your car antenna. How fun. I just made more bunting tonight. Will be stringing it together and posting tomorrow.

Hope your hand gets better quickly.

DaCraftyLady said...

Love your Yarn Bombing flag, what a great idea.. :)

Kris said...

Ouch!!!! Love the red yarn flag on your car. And what a lovely niece you have. So talented. Where you been? Missed ya!

Linda said...

Your niece looks like you!

Good grief on the hand-whack. :(

Josie said...

Your niece is such a cutie! It's great you've had some nice family time. I so appreciate family time more and more.

Uggh, sorry about your hand. Kinda got carried away, huh?! Hope it's better soon so you can go at it some more :-)