Thursday, June 23, 2011

Victoria's Crochet for Summer

Hi!  I got to talking with a couple friends after work and so got going late just to find (on the traffic website I go to b4 I leave work)  that there is an accident and a few miles from there a small brush fire near the fwy I take to get home sooooo decided to blog instead of sitting in traffic.

Check out these Victoria's Secret crocheted apparel from their latest catalog.  Must be slave labor since the asking price is cheap for that amount of work.  I would have to charge waaaaay more for these if I would've made 'em.  Click on 'em and you can see the pics in more detail, the pretty stitches and the prices!

I like the tank top but I know it would be too low cut on me.  The shawl is pretty but they should also show the back since I would never wear it with the bandeau top and cutoff shorts!  If I'm interested in the shawl, I'd want to see it!

Well, I checked the traffic and it's cleared up so I'm heading home.  See ya!

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Josie said...

Hi Annie, I remember those days of commuting in L.A. It's been 15 yrs, but the first thing I'd do is turn on KFWB in my car to get the lowdown on traffic. I always had my backup route in case there was an accident or something on my usual route. It's great now that there are traffic websites!

Those Victoria Secret items are gorgeous. Unlike the models, I would definitely wear something more substantial underneath! Yes, I'm sure these are made in some 3rd world country w cheap labor.

Have a great week, xxxJosie