Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dirt Pictures

Hi!  Betcha read it dirty pictures????  Did ya?  Well I don't want to disappoint ya but it really is pics of dirt.  It's my yard, in fact it's where I need to plant all the potted plants that have been waiting to be put into their new home.

It seems I didn't get as much done as I would have liked over the last 3 day weekend but I did make progress.  I always think I'll get more done.  Is that beating myself up???  I got one side planted with the ivy geranium that I had dug up back in...I think it was, Jan. or Feb. before we removed the trees.  It took awhile to transplant them since there was a bunch of dead stems and leaves to remove.  I really hope they take over quickly so it fills in nicely and covers up the ugly cement like it used to do.  We still don't have a date to list the house yet.  It's a beautiful day out right now and tomorrow is supposed to be perfect so I plan to chisel away at the cement piece so it can fit like a puzzle back in it's place to edge the garden and then I can overturn the dirt and add some topsoil that I got from OSH and begin transplanting!

Over the years, the massive roots from the trees we took out, moved the concrete and I couldn't get it to fit so I need to chisel off about 2" or so and then it should fit!

OK, blogger is driving me crazy, it doesn't want to upload the pics to the post agggrrrrr!

Here is the one side that is all planted now with geranium, yeah!

I've been trying to create a pattern for a crochet daisy flower and I think I have it now so I hope to be able to post what I've been working on soon.  Gotta go before blogger raises my blood pressure!  
Hope you are all having a relaxing day and enjoying life! 


Pammy Sue said...

Hi, Annie Dear. Glad you are getting some "yard time." It's too hot here to go outside. I'm bored with it all. I haven't crocheted a stitch since Friday and don't want to either. Need to get some sunshine or something and cheer up. I have nothing to be bummed about! You always seem so cheerful. I like coming here. :)

Kris said...

Hi Annie,
Blogger has been giving everyone fits lately! How have you been? I have missed you too!

Josie said...

Chiseling and digging up cement, wow Annie, you're amazing to do such hard manual labor (he he)! I'm exhausted at the energy you have to do the things you do. I love gardening too, but I totally pale in comparison to you!!! I just stick to potting/watering plants and pulling weeds. Your efforts are rewarded though, bec those geraniums are going to look great this summer. Have a good week at the shop and working on the house. xxJosie

Linda said...

You manage to get your house ready to sell, garden, work a full time job, and develop a pattern to crochet! I feel lazy. :)

Terrie said...

Hi Annie,
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. See you've quite some works with the house. Good look with some new plants. Wish you a happy summer.
Keep in touch.

lovestitch said...

Hello Annie,
I think those photos look great! I love the natural view of a corner at your house! Can't wait to see your crocheted daisy pattern, it must be pretty!
Thanks for your sweet words on my blog, hope you have a happy day!
Take care and all the best, x