Monday, June 27, 2011


Yay, I got the largest plant that I'm going to transplant, a Strelitzia Nicolai the common name is Large White Bird of Paradise transplanted where the tree used to be.  It grew by seed right next to the fence and came from my neighbor's plant and I didn't know at first what it was but I dug it up several years ago and put it into a pot.  I decided to plant it instead of take it with me when we move.  There are 2 reasons for that: One- It must've been a healthy seedling because I read they are not real easy to grow from seed and since it grew in that garden originally,  I'll let it stay there.  Two- I don't know how much (if any) garden I will have upon moving since it will be a temporary home :(. 

Here's what it will look like when it flowers someday:

This is what it looks like now:

It can grow to about 20ft high.  They are usually planted in clumps, several of 'em but this one will have to make it's own babies!

Here is the beginning hole:

Here are all the roots I had to remove from just that hole and I wasn't finished digging yet!  These are the roots left over from the Umbrella plant and Italian Cypress tree that was removed a few months ago.

Look at how many roots from just 4 small holes and 1 larger one:

Pulling out all those roots really tired me out yesterday.  I could have gotten so much more planted if it wasn't for those darn roots.  It was also very warm and a tad humid to be working outside.  BUT it has to get done.

I did get the Purple Heart plants (Tradescantia pallida)

And a couple Large Angel Wing Begonias (Begonia Coccinea) transplanted, too.

In their new home:

Hopefully they will like where they are now.  I used some worm castings and some chicken manure mixed with some potting soil to amend the existing soil.  That should give 'em a boost so they fill in faster.

It felt really good to shower off the grime of the day and then I had corn for dinner yup, just corn.

Have a lovely week!


DaPetLady said...

Looking good, I think you need to come do my yard love the pink flowers, and I have a huge White Large Bird of Paradies in my back yard it grows really fast in direct sunlight. Can you believe June is almost over? Debb

Pammy Sue said...

That Bird of Paradise is an elaborate plant! Lordie. Looks like you've been working hard.

Was it corn on the cob at least? Or just a plain old can of corn? I hope you put some butter and salt in it.

Terrie said...

Looks like a big project of transplant. This sort of Bird of Paradise is a big sort. We've some of orange color in parks. I love the big trunks it looks pretty in shape. Your crochet white daisy is pretty and niece is so talented. Thanks Annielizabeth for your comments on my blog. Yes my address is Blk-C, G/F. Nice that you love the bookmark.

Mimi Sue said...

Thank you for your kind comments about our new little grandgirl. We have been so blessed! Remodeling a house is a lot of work. We've done it a couple of times in the past. So worth it when you're done though. Mimi

Linda said...

Angel wing begonias ROCK! Have you ever thought about starting your own nursery? Maybe you could combine it with your current business. ;) Seriously your love of plants is fun to read about.