Saturday, June 18, 2011

Miss Daisy

Here she is, my final version of her.  Since I didn't find the perfect daisy for my project, I created one. 

12 petals and a 3-D center
Her petals won't curl as much after she gets blocked.  Next is to put her in a square and decide on some companion squares.  Don't hold your breath tho- since it takes me forever to finish crochet projects.

Hope you are having a special weekend with your dad, husband or your boys who are now fathers!

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Josie said...

Your daisy pattern is PERFECT! Very sweet and simple. No pressure here...we all get to our projects when we can and feel like it. I forgot to mention earlier that I loved your antenna banner for yarn bombing day! Thanks for the idea, think I'm going to make one too, just for fun :-) Have a great week, Annie. xxJosie