Friday, May 27, 2011

3-day Memorial Weekend

Oh my, I'm so glad it's Friday.  Yeah, I'm taking the 3 day wknd to get more stuff done so we can get this house ready to sell.  I haven't got enough sleep all week long and today, well, I'm crabby.  Stayed up real late moving all my clothes and stuff from the closet to the other room and put away all the dresser top stuff into temporary boxes and moved it all out with the help of my son.  That was Tuesday and the painters started in the closet and then yesterday, prepped and painted the walls and took down those damn vertical blinds that I've wanted to remove since we first moved there.  I slept in the other room since my bed and furniture was in the middle of the room and covered with paper and plastic.  Hopefully they are all done and I can get things put away over the 3 days.  I got some cheap mini blinds from the store last night and will put those up tomorrow, too.  What would I rather be doing?  Relaxing and having an umbrella drink and maybe read a good novel and sleep.

Here's a couple pics of the house the other morning.

Here's the Mandevilla Vine Flower that I transplanted from the broken pot last weekend.  I tied her up to her new trellis.  Looks like she's gonna live!  I'll transplant the ivy geranium all around to fill in the rest of that garden space.

The mystery plant from my earlier post is:

Gladiolus!  They are blooming so early this year.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Josie said...

Gladiolas, of course!!! That is a beautiful variety. You have a green thumb so that mandevilla vine was sure to survive. I know the feeling of wanting to get things completed and everything back in its place so I hope you're able to do a lot this weekend. You are amazing for doing this whole house makeover. Do try to take care of yourself, put your feet up a bit and sneak in that umbrella drink! Big hugs, Josie

Kris said...

Oh Annie, your glads are so pretty. I have always loved them. Yours are such a pretty pink. I am sorry you have to spend the weekend doing not so fun stuff. I am wishing you rest and relaxation, really soon!!

DaCraftyLady said...

the Glads are pretty..I have been working in my garden too and clipping and trimming and then switching things around along with adding a couple newbies...a palm and some up...Debb