Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Planting Time!

Howdy!  Whatcha been up to?  I didn't get any pics of Mother's Day since my batteries died before the first take.  Of course my sis and I stayed up way too late yacking away and then had to get up early to make brunch for what family was coming down to celebrate the day with us.  After peeling back our eyelids, we got busy and turned out a nice meal.  Great seeing everyone who made it down.  But no pics :( .

Just been working away at the shop and this wknd I hope to get all the soil turned over and plant most of the plants (finally) in the bare places where the trees used to be.  I've hardly had a chance to crochet, boo, hoo.  I stopped at OSH and got some top soil this morning before I opened the shop and so I'm ready to go!  I still need to do the baseboard in the kitchen and refinish the blue bathroom upstairs, oh and also sew that little curtain above the sink that I still need to do.  But I really want to get the plants in so they can start growing and looking good for curb appeal while the house is listed for sale.  Also it has cooled down and it's always more pleasant to work in the yard without sweat on the brow!

A few things my nice customers surprised me with for Mother's Day!

Guess what's gonna be blooming soon?  Blogger sure had it's issues this week didn't it?  I wasn't able to post or go commenting but it seems to be working fine now.  Have a great weekend!


Kris said...

Hi Annie. Plants look lovely. Spring is so pretty, isn't it! Hope you are well!

Josie said...

Hey Annie, that flower/plant bed at the gate entry is looking fantastic! I want to say that about-to-bloom spike is bird of paradise, but then I look closer and there are too many 'leaves' on that spike. Is it a type of bromeliad? I'm going to get out and do some container plantings this weekend (I hope). Have a great weekend, dahling :-) xxJ

DaCraftyLady said...

Hi Annie,
Oh yes blogger was upset... :( I like the new plantings. I had mine just bloom a little bit but the darn wind bent it in half so I had to cut it and put it in a vase in my house. Looks good there too. :) Debb