Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End of the World?

Howdy!  One of my customers reminded me this morning that some doomesdayer predicted that today would be the last day for us all and so far it's been pretty much the same as any other Saturday for me, how about you? 

However, I keep seeing a bit of continued moral decline in our culture.  On some days I want to take down my gift box display behind the counter and list the 10 Commandments.  I don't care what religion anyone is, it's just that if we all followed those 10 (come on people, you can do anything else just not those 10 things) and we would all be able to live happily together as they are actually more like laws of "getting along" if you think about it.  Here's a couple of things that have happened recently here where my shop is:

What we found when we came back after the New Year's weekend.  Some gang members tagged our van that was sitting in our back parking lot.  We used some special remover on it but it took some of the gray paint off, too.  Someone also tried to remove the van's registration tag but I cut into it with an exacto knife when I put it on month's earlier so if someone ever tried to steal it it won't come off in one piece and then they can't use it.  So ha, ha on them!

When I opened the front door of the shop this past Monday, I saw that someone (that is crazy) stole the 15 year old dirty mats from in front of the Acupuncture's doorway as well as mine.  Two door mats??  Really?  Of course,  I called the Sheriff's Dept. on both of these incidents so they would know what is going on in the neighborhood.

On another note, I've been bra shopping and it has been horrid.  Even at Nordstrom, there isn't a bra that fits right.  I tried on every bra they had in my new size and came home twice with bras that I eventually returned.  So until I can fit into my other bras, I'm going to continue to wear my soft ones and lose more weight.  I've been doing good on my diet.  It consists of eating less carbs, more protein and basically eating everything I want except eating less of it.  I have tremendous will power when I put it into action.  So mid section menopause chubbiness, watch out, you are going to disappear! 

This afternoon and tomorrow will consist of continuing the garden planting and to de-clutter the kitchen and refinish the floor board and maybe I'll get to sewing the little curtain that will go above the sink.

Here's a couple pics of the rose tree my mom and I planted about 19 years ago.  Every now and then I cut off a couple buds and they fill my backroom with a heavenly scent!

Wherever you are, I hope you have lovely weather and can get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air!


Kris said...

Hey there Annie. I so agree with you! And shame on those hoodlums who tagged your van, and stole the welcome mats. What on earth is coming to our world??? So unsettling. Your rose tree is lovely. When my darling Dad passed away, 7 yrs ago, I removed two of the rose bushes he planted in the backyard of their home..actually, I did this one year after he passed, when Mama sold the house, and I replanted them in my backyard. I so enjoy those beautiful roses. I bring lovely blooms to his resting place every time I go.
Have a great day!
PS...Congrats on your weight loss. I am still plugging along too. A hint, but it probably won't apply to you. I am rather lopsided, and quite a lot bigger on top than on bottom, if you get my drift. I have discovered a couple of bras with great fit and comfort, and Lane Bryant. They are fab!!!!

Josie said...

The door mats, seriously?!! Yes, apparently Mr. Doomsday now says he miscalculated and Saturday marked the beginning of a spiritual decline (new doomsday date in October).

I have trouble in the bra dept too but because I have nothing to speak of! They basically disappeared after nursing 2 kids. I'm eating smaller portions too and I think it's helping with that stubborn mid-section. Why is it always such a battle?!

Love the rose tree. It looks beautiful after 19 yrs!

Have a productive week, my friend. Big hug, Josie

DaCraftyLady said...

Hi Annie,
Oh I too agree the morals are depleting and people just do whatever they wnat with not a care in the world. I have a friend whose 18 yr got pregnant with her boyfriend and she was carrying on about this baby and how happy she was and had a huge baby shower and remodled her house to redo the bedroom for the baby, and the boyfriend and her daughter now live there with their big dog???? When asked she said oh well now a days gals don't marry???? When did that become an acceptable thing??? I mean I understand if an accident happens but do we not have a little shame or a little pride and marry or at least not continue as if they had been married for years and then got pregnant with all the celebrations. The morals of a lot of folks have lowered and we "just accept" and move on. I don't know maybe I am old fashion and need to move forward with the new acceptable thoughts on having children????
The rose tree is beautiful Annie, on a happier note. :)

Linda said...

Hi Annie, thanks for checking up on me, and yes, we are all fine! The tornadoes were either north or south of us. Thinking about you too - I tried to comment on one of your posts awhile back, and it just happened to be on the day that Blogger was having major problems. :) Take care!

Linda said...

One more thing - I SO relate to your post. Our neighborhood has a park and we had to take down the basketball goal because rowdy (and I do mean rowdy, as in vulgar, confrontational, and "entitled")kids from another subdivision felt led to drive through our park to play. Police don't really help much, so the good kids in our neighborhood have to suffer until we find a solution.

I hate shopping for bras too, and I never find one that feels comfy!

All of your flowers are just gorgeous! Looks like your home improvements are going to really pay off for you!