Monday, May 2, 2011

Danny's Chevron Scarf

Here's Dan's scarf that I finally finished.  Ironing it handled the ridges but who knows if it'll get the ridges again after it gets washed. Ironing gave it more drape and it made it just a bit larger, too.  This matches his hat that I crocheted over a few months ago.

When I got home on Saturday and was looking at the kitchen, I realized I didn't do the kitchen baseboards, darn.  I didn't work on that since I hadn't planned on it and all in all I was not feeling like doing much of anything and yet there is SO much to do.  I was having a tiny pity party for myself as all this mess about the house, everything and everywhere you look there is something to move, clean or fix (or maybe even throw away) and it's just overwhelming me.  I worked outside, even in the heat and potted the bromeliads like I planned to do and got that finished.  I was exhausted by nightfall and was listening to the radio, putting my clean laundry away when they announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed and there was relief in hearing that.  Learning the evil mastermind was stopped gives us hope there will be less terrorism in our world now!

Have a great week!


Kris said...

The scarf looks great Annie! I am really needing to get my hook going again!!! I wish I could say don't let it get you down, but I know I would be the same way. I hate to have things in disarray. It is so unsettling for me! Hang in there!

lovestitch said...

Oh how I love the scarf!!! It looks really GREAT! Also love the cap you made him before, very cute! Awesome work!

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

I love the cap. Is that one of your patterns?

annielizabeth said...

Hookin'It asked about the cap and it was his favorite one but it got dirty so I washed it for him and it just got funky faded areas on it (not lookin' good) so I crocheted over it leaving the center embroidery to be showing.

Josie said...

Danny's scarf turned out awesome with a capital A!!! I know that sounded dorky, but I mean it :-)
That cap is great too. Really, I must follow your lead and make some things for the boys in my life.

I hope you're coping better with your house projects since you posted. Glad you were able to get your hands into flowers/dirt/pots. Hope that relieves some stress for you... xxJosie