Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Work

Hi, how ya doin?
I'll be transplanting some bromeliads in pots to sell at my shop because you can't buy them locally and they are sooooo cool when they are blooming and then I'll be continuing to work on the house.  The kitchen cabinets are done, YEAH!!!!!  The next cabinets are a smaller set, thank goodness and will be the blue bathroom upstairs.  I'll also be moving my clothes and other paraphernalia from my closet to the other room's closet getting ready for the painters to paint my room.  If there's time, I'll start on the little curtain I planned to make for the area above the kitchen sink.  This post has a pic of the Rooster fabric that I'm going to use.

This one bloomed last month but usually they bloom in the fall it also had a smaller bloom than normal.

I've started my new crochet project so I'll post some pics next week.  I know that as it gets closer to moving I will have less time to work on it.  I finished Danny's scarf but it still wants to be wavy so I'm gonna use an iron on it and see if that helps.  I'll post pics next week of that, too.

The local Children's Hospital (near where I live) is having a fundraiser 5k walk in my neighborhood later today.  Great for them, MASSIVE traffic situation for me as they are going to block off intersections.  I have to leave on time from the shop or else I won't be able to get home.  My neighborhood has streets that are thoroughfares from one side of LA to Hollywood and it's crazy any time there is some event going on like today.  This is one thing about where I live I WON'T MISS AT ALL!! 

So far, it's a perfect weather day but just in case I'm gonna have plenty of this on hand

Hope you're gonna have a productive weekend wherever you are!

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Kris said...

Hey Annie. I am confused. I am so sorry. You are fixing the house you are in, to list for sale? Flowers are pretty. VERY windy here!!! My daughter ran a 1/2 marathon this morning at the beach with her boyfriend. I miss running!