Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Renaissance Faire Pics

Here's the pics!  It was very warm by the time Tracy and I got there in the afternoon and the first thing we did was get a tall lemonade.  I drank the whole thing, ice and all.  We looked around at everything and of course there were many items I would've loved to get but hey, I'm moving soon and when I look at all the boxes of stuff I already packed up I know I don't really need anything more.  They had this guy that blows glass but he was taking a break when we went to his booth otherwise I'd have taken a pic of him.  He had the most gorgeous glass Hummingbird feeders; I wanted one sooooo bad.  No, I didn't take any pictures of them, sorry.  Maybe next year I'll get one if I have a garden to put one in!  If I purchased one, it would have stayed packed up for awhile (like so much of my other stuff has been) so I decided against it.  I didn't buy a thing!





 Head Wreaths!


 Singing Wenches!

Huge Swings!

Men in Kilts!

We ended up eating ice cream and then later having a huge pickle and then we laughed at ourselves as neither of us could be preggie!  There was allot of food to choose from but we lacked an appetite since it was so hot.  It was a fun day indeed!


Kris said...

Looked like fun Annie!

Josie said...

Oh what fun, I remember the costumes and head wreaths and how lively the actors were. It's great you were able to spend time away from the shop!

So what is this about moving?! I knew you were going to eventually move, but it sounds so close. Where are you moving to? How are the renovations going? xxJosie

annielizabeth said...

We're moving closer to the shop in the San Gabriel Valley.